the struggle

Trying to be rational while maintaining your faith is a task. Many things that happen in this world make us question our faith. Reason is a tool that we use to understand things, including our faith, and things outside our faith. Strange, however, the notion is, that our faiths our doubted. Keep the faith alive through it all.

heart pours/then dies

if we don’t suffer, we don’t need God,

this pain is like an inch away from being worse,

why God, must I ache,

can I not reach high any longer?

Do I pour my heart and say,

The things which on my mind,

Do not unwind and just decay,

Day by day.

Every moment passing,

A thought is caged into my heart’s

caverns, wherein blood boils,

not as freely as it should,

hot and bubbly, burning hell,

anger at its finest, why does it hide?

Can I not shout aloud and curse the world,

if this is art I’m free!

I’m free to curse anybody.

This is art I’m free. This is art I’m free.

Music is your enemy, give me a pen,

I will write a eulogy devoted to one of them,

the cowards who devoured my heart,

spat on my shoes and acted confused,

when little did they know, a gangster appeared,

fingers pointed at you he said,

what you gonna say now bitch?

the tides have turned on you.


Preach to the world o Daniel,

Proud follower of the Lord,

Believer in Compassion,

Mercy, and Love.


It is you I’ve chosen,

You I’ve anointed,

To free humanity from itself,

and into my Kingdom.


God is in the heart, 

Proclaim His greatness,

Fear not the proclamation,

Fear not society.


Fear not what they will say,

Allow them to giggle,

You are a believer,

a proud and passionate man,

Love, and be loved.

Spread happiness and joy,

and welcome doubt never.


Overcome and triumph Daniel.


You are the chosen One.


by Luca Signorelli

Hell is where we go, when we say no,

No to the question of: Is He above?

A friend gone foe, for feeling love,

Love is the enemy; love is woe.


This is negative energy; one Hell of a mind,

The fire that burns; one Hell of a time,

Hell is no single place you can find,

But a state of unseeing; being blind.


Surprise, surprise, there in the mirror,

You ought see the angel standing behind,

Wishing to get in, but your soul is too stubborn,

Look in the mirror, see your demise.


One Hell of an ego, one Hell of a mind,

The roasting furnace is a bunch of lies,

For the burning and hurting, these are just signs,

Of the life of which we are undeserving.