Do not doubt the evil of others. It exists. As ignorant as they may be of it, don’t slip.

I thought I had a purpose. I believe in myself. But sometimes I wonder. I question where I am going. I know this music thing is me. I know I will be something great. But if I know it why do I doubt it? Is it just a matter of time? I hope so. As for all my worries, they shouldn’t be there. I am worried about what? Can’t I and won’t I get everything I want? They’ll try to take it from me. I can’t let them.

It’s whatever I want. That’s it.

Wow. Now I know the source. Containing it…no…no more.

No more questions either.

Peace, at last. 

One Love

It’s crazy how much our bodies, our souls, and our minds hate being forced to do what they don’t want. Why does this love forcing us into slavery? Why are so many people content with it? They aren’t. They are just in denial. It’s too much pride, but the suffering is supposed to make that diminish. I don’t know. All I know is that my soul is reaching for something I cannot deny it. One Love. One God.