Larry David is…Bernie Sanders

If this doesn’t speak to Sander’s blind populism or Hillary’s overt power hunger then I don’t know what does!

America is at a real turning point in its political culture.

Many ideologies are on the table.

Where are the minorities?

I like the idea that Democrats are more egalitarian than Republicans, but is Bernie’s socialism really the solution? America’s problem isn’t just economic. It is a cultural ailment; police brutality, mass-incarceration, a terribly hawkish foreign policy dominated by foreign interest-lobbies.

Bernie is super appealing. That’s why I think Larry David fit this character so well. I am not anti-Bernie Sanders, but I am yet to be pro-anybody that isn’t critical on particular issues.

In the realm of domestic politics, we need people who aren’t afraid to point out inconsistencies.

In foreign politics; we need someone who isn’t an Israeli lapdog.

Obama has given Israel the cold shoulder; but he has also given them a blanket to stay warm.

I prefer his strategy over any of the current contenders.

Republicans have nothing to offer but war, as usual.

Imagine an Arab-American president, one that understands the struggles of the minorities inside America, but isn’t all too detached from America’s foreign policy shortcomings. Let’s be frank; America’s domestic politics is completely dependent and a direct reflection of its foreign policies. Why do you think American politicians are less encouraged to bring issues of foreign policy to the attention of the American people? Because Americans would hate to associate their “freedom-loving-democracy” with carnage and evil abroad.

We need leaders who are realists; who are not daunted by America’s history.

Syria ‘in a state of complete war’ with terrorism – Assad (FULL INTERVIEW)

JusticeOrElse – Washington D.C.

“This year’s celebration, themed “Justice Or Else,” will be led by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and put a laser focus on the tragedies that have crippled urban communities around the country, from the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson to the slaying of Eric Garner in New York City.”

“Today, October 10th, hundreds of thousands of activists, Muslims, Christians, music artists and much more convene in Washington D.C. on the National Mall to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March.”


Who Must Go?

The question of what should happen in the Middle East is largely left unanswered.

Analysts of all ideological persuasions share their perspectives, but many criticisms follow.

Whether it is an ideology of government that is being challenged, or merely a “political attitude”, is uncertain, because even opponents of democracy are calling for the overthrow of authoritarian regimes only to what, replace it with another authoritarian regime?

Are forces of statism and so-called “cults of personality” like those of Assad & Sisi, and their predecessors, Saddam, Gaddafi & Naser – are they the enemies of popular will and dignity in the ME? And is the solution really democracy? Plus, is it fair to bunch all these leaders into one category, because the agendas and cultures surrounding these various leaders are not the same.

The assumption certainly is that revolutionaries want democracy. Also in question is the extent of liberal freedoms, social and economic, that might or might not being included in a hypothetical post-Assad/Sisi Middle East.

Russian, Chinese and Iranian influence in the region have also complicated matters.

Western politicians scurry to find who is the more liberal of the factions involved. Do they exist?

Would liberalism work in the Middle East? How about the extent of democracy and electoral politics?

Calls for leaders to be overthrown or to step down have become more and more commonplace in the ME. These calls echo the interests of global hegemonies trying to preserve older systems of global imbalance. If the U.S. And Europe depended upon themselves and not upon the exploitation of foreigners, might the Middle East see less stability? Might the ME be rid of despots and paranoia?

What side is the West on? That of tyranny or justice in the ME? And what if democracy cannot guarantee that justice in the ME?

As details, opinions and meaningless arguments are debated, corporate interests are secured while crimes against millions of innocent human beings are ignored.

These are my people. Our people.

We must continue to raise awareness on the need for solutions & aid to the Middle Eastern problems of today. Educate yourselves. We must educate ourselves.

Often times, the purest education doesn’t come from academics and analysts, but rather, from messages of beauty that couldn’t be more originally expressed by anyone than the “artist”. To conclude this article, I would like to share this incredible art piece of a video below, by Iraqi-Canadian hip-hop artist The Narcicyst, titled “Rise“, from his newest album World War Free, which can be purchased below. In it, Narcy juxtaposes some of the most blatant hypocrisies of the elites in the ME, as well as their complicity in holding their people hostage to systems of oppression and indignitation. Narcy does this by juxtaposing the illustrious, sky-scraper embellished landscapes of the Gulf with his own emotions, sentiments, and longing for a more innocent Middle East that we perhaps all yearn for and deeply miss.

Salam, brother!

Websites for humanitarian aid in Syria, Iraq and Palestine:

Movements/Organizations to raise awareness:

President Bashar al-Assad on 60 Minutes


I’ve always believed this. The relationship between the United States of America and #Syria, & the broader Middle East, is evolving.

America doesn’t really know Syria. It has always played the political game from a quieter angle, relative to let’s say for example, #Egypt under the rule of leaders like Naser & Sadat.

Still, for the most part, Syria has been traditionally vilified by the US & its allies.

The reality is that there are many commonalities between Syria & America, as farfetched as that may seem. The media has successfully tainted this relationship and the image of Syria, and the #Arab world at large, over the years.

But Syria is the only Arab country with a deeply engrained culture of secularism, a value enjoyed and upheld by the US.

The paradoxes in US politics is what makes everything so troubling and difficult to understand.

America is, as #Assad said in his latest interview with #CBS’s Charlie Rose, the greatest country. It wouldn’t be wise for any leader or country to not seek cooperation with it.

Let us realize however that if indeed the US is a “democracy champion human rights”, it is a flawed one indeed.

African-Americans earned the right to vote only 40-50 years ago. What kind of universal crown jewel of democracy are we?

But as the Middle East endures another era of tumult and “revolution”, so to has America experienced a change.

Day by day, it becomes increasingly apparent that there is a rift within the American population. The people are divided. The politicians are pinned against one another.

So it becomes that much more difficult to understand where America really stands. The reality is America is NOT #homogenous. The people have differences. We are diverse. As we struggle for our national identity, and to perhaps establish a new one, age-old reactionaries who serve as the dynasties of American families exploit time and resources in order to perpetuate injustice at home and abroad.

As we struggle to establish rights for all men and women in America, our politicians are stripping, exploiting and ignoring the rights of other nations and peoples abroad.

There is however, an initiative in the #West, in the US, to make change. I do believe the #Democrats and Barrack #Obama are among the leaders of that potential change, both in the traditions of #American domestic and foreign #policy.

What stands against us, however, is an equally if not more powerful and determined force fueled by fanatical ideology and corporate interest, the likes of the #Koch brothers; the #Bush family; the #Republican Party; #AIPAC; prison-industrial complex; #NRA; #racism; KKK; #Zionism; #Corporatism; Oligarchy.

President Obama tells Congress to give immigrants U.S. Citizenship


In his first State of the Union Address this year, President Obama asked Congress to finally solve the immigration problem in this country.

Obama expressed his belief that hard working immigrants should be rewarded, not punished, for working hard and contributing to American society.

Most of them, he said, were brought here at a young age. It is not their faults they are not U.S. citizens. To deny them the right to live in this country is to deny them the right to stay in their home.

He then went further and said:

“Send me a law that gives them the chance to earn their citizenship, and I will sign it right away.”

On a personal level, I completely agree with the President.

As an immigrant myself, I know the difficulties of trying to become a U.S. citizen. Because of my struggle, I sympathize with other immigrants.

I believe that Americans should really try to understand that the immigrants in this country are hard working human beings who are simply seeking ways to improve their lives in ways they usually can’t in their own homeland.

The idea that these people should fix their home country’s problems is understandable, but the thought of sending people back on a such a massive scale is not only impractical –  it’s inhumane.

As Obama said in his speech, the border is now more tightly secure than ever before. Therefore, public officials have no more excuses as to why they cannot tackle this issue in an appropriate and just fashion.

I believe that immigrants with clean records, who are merely seeking a better life in this country, who live here and want to contribute to this economy should be granted U.S. citizenship or at least be given the opportunity to work here as well as the reassurance that they can some day receive citizenship status. I think there is no use in fighting this anymore.

Now that the border is more secure than ever, there are no excuses to delay this process any longer.