Went out on an aluminum canoe with my cousin and a friend, a brother, I never thought I’d see. Ah, the bliss of fate. And nature, the soothing compass of time. Nothing to calm us more. ┬áThe sound of subtle water drops, gliding off the paddles; into the darkness.

True beauty, emanates from the simplest of virtues, created by God. As simple as science; a lake of sand.

The Journalist and His Companion

by Boris Scherbakov


I want a companion to roam the world with me,

Hand in hand we’ll conquer each city,

And drift into trances at dawn, only

To wake up at dusk in the country.


A few kisses here and there, as you hand

Me the camera that will capture the world:

Children starving, a mother’s crying,

Earth stolen, barons lying.