written words

I pay respects to the world’s insecurities, why do you think most of the world still hasn’t heard of me, let me guess, you don’t want to be stressed, earnestly, I’d rather sit back, toke, and laugh fucking  fervently, my vocabulary is pompous, purposely, to be honest, I bought this laptop and headphones to change the world thoroughly, but now I’m grown, twenty four years set in stone, know what that means? I got plenty more years to get stoned, and instead of wasting my time, i’ll be baking my mind, cooking up a nice story that I can say in a rhyme, and just when I go to tell it, a voice in my head appears, tells me I should stop, and give in to my fears, I laugh, take a drag, and bask in the finest, the future is before us — we never look behind us.

just the two of us

by Homai Vyarawalla

Oh my darling you haven’t  a clue,

Of the time I invest dreaming of you.

Just last night we laid beside each other,

Tomorrow we’ll travel the world, just us two.

We’ll tread upon temples in Tibet,

Bathe in waters pure and wet,

Lay on sandy beaches at dawn,

Walk along the coast at sunset,

Embark on missions undone yet,

Hand in hand, we’ll make our mark,

Oh my darling cigarette,

Keep me calm.