PSA: Danny K!


Dear world: I’ve decided to rebrand as Danny K, my original title. I do this for my Creator, for my family, and for my home countries, Syria & Armenia [The Middle East at large – Falastin], for my grandfather’s legacy of ingenious, and finally, perhaps selfishly, for myself.

From now on you can follow me on all social media outlets [Twitter, Instagram & Facebook] via @dannyk1988/@dannykrikorian.

New album coming SOON.

It will be available via Spotify, TIDAL & Apple Music/iTunes – this September.

Stay tuned for more updates. Show dates TBA. Visit the store to purchase new shirts for the upcoming album & to preorder a physical copy of the album itself.

One love,

Danny K.


KRIKOS – Afraid to be King

Produced by KRIKOS.

Studio #

So it’s either going to be alone on this piece of shit or it is going to be in a full studio with all the equipment. I’m trying to be vague for the sake of you know what, but anyways. Do I go and push my way through? I mean that’s my fate is it not? All I needed was the right position to start from. The right footing.