I believe in equal rights and social liberalism. All men and women are created equal. The job of government is not to determine social restraints. The job of government is to uphold individual rights (the Constitution) and to secure democracy. Conservatives use religious fanaticism to scare you into voting against bills like this but this mentality is not only unjust, it is outdated. 

I guess till I support myself entirely I will always be under the influence and wing and pressures of those who I live with collectively. I can’t be fully free because of the guilt factor and I can’t do what I want because people are expecting me to cater to their wants and needs instead of my wants and needs. It is as if they use me simply because they help me. That isn’t love. That is selfishness.


Social conformists are so lame. They aren’t just lame, they are bundles of stress, anxiety and misery. How ironic. Sheesh.


Self-Reliance is essential to everything; without it, you are not an individual, but a subject of others.

my impurity

I cannot deny what I want. I want everything. I want many things. I want to own things. Yes, I want to be materialistic. What is wrong with that? Why can’t I own things? Does that not also define us? Our material possessions? Some say no. That is an easy answer. Intellectual arrogance a mon avis.

salvation is in the heart

from the Hell of  ignorance.