they spread lies to make it seem like we don’t have enough resources to be individual dreamers.

Arabs are so easily manipulated.

Israel is laughing at all the Arabs calling for revolution in Egypt and Syria.


Because these revolutions are farce — only distractions orchestrated by Israel to distract Arabs from the real problem — Israeli expansionism and intervention in Arab affairs. 

Meanwhile the House of Saud (the entire Gulf for that matter), the King of Jordan, and half of Lebanon sit on their asses and reap the benefits of anarchical capitalism and conservative sociological platforms.

When will the Arabs learn?

When will the Arabs abandon pretentiousness?

If you have abandoned truth and justice for glory and fame and vanity, then you are not Arab. You are a pawn of the imperialist.  

They scrutinize Assad but they are silent about the despots of Saudi Arabia. They criticize Syria but what about the kings and queens living lavishly while Palestinians die and starve and poverty runs rampant. They are so quick to attack Assad, so quick to attack Iran…but why? What of the religious hypocrisy and the crimes against humanity perpetrated by the monarchs and clerical leaders. Yes, I am against murders and murderers, but Assad is not this image that people are portraying him to be. The true murderers are the Israelis who have outsmarted the world. But the devil’s triumph is temporal.

Noam Chomsky: The West will do whatever it can to prevent real democracy from flourishing in the Middle East.

The keyword here is real.

Some nation-states like the U.S. are designed for all ethnic groups, whereas countries like Armenia and France belong to particular ethnic groups of a certain language and background. The question I have is what typology of states should exist if indeed countries like the U.S., which ties its people together based on the principle of collective, democratic individualism, are able to survive without paying respect to one ethnic group over another. If what truly ties people together is belief more than anything, this goes to show that nations merely need a universal, common language and a strong constitution to be natural, and most just. Nations and ethnic groups can exist within larger states/countries, in which they can be guaranteed protection and civil liberties. The struggle then, is establishing sovereignty in a violently competitive world. Most nations in the Middle East, like Saudi and Iran are not structured this way, but rather, around extremist and theocratic ideologies, leaving out secular, moderate and liberal forces. How can these nations expect to survive — autonomously — with a constant threat from outside? Which nation-states will endure? Which are most just? Which are most free? These are all important social questions that help us understand why the world is plagued by conflict and unrest.

Zionism vs. Judaism

If I get a permanent tattoo on my back saying I love Jewish people then proceed to criticize Israel and all zionist entities, you think I’d have a better shot, lol? Maybe then I wouldn’t be labeled an anti-semite.

Separate Israel from Judaism. Separate Judaism from Zionism. Separate Islam from Islamism. Separate Christianity from Fundamentalists. Separate everything from everything. Break down words.

Judaism is a religion. Jews are followers of that culture, religion, etc. Zionism is a philosophy arguing for the recreation of Israel, and like all philosophies, there are opposing perspectives. Whether or not Israel should exist is a normative question — I would answer it should not, because its creation negated the HUMAN RIGHTS of human beings, men, women, and children in Palestine.  Now that it does exist, as an extension of Western Corporate interests guised by “pseudo-religious fundamentalism” and “fear-driven, conservative and authoritative politics”, and it continues to lobby around the world to justify its existence, people continue to die, war and famine continue to break out, and fundamentalism becomes rampant.

Look, at the end of the day, we all know the different between Jews and Zionists. We all know that every “group” of people has good and bad in it. I have many Jewish friends that I love, but I will tell you, that my position on Israel has not ever changed because it is rooted in moral philosophy.

The existence and continued expansion of Israel violates universal morals, human rights, and natural law.

The conflict now lies between the Arabs and the Israelis. The Arab people are struggling to prove to the world their ability to be free, democratic and just. The Israelis do whatever they can to weaken them, be it through funding terrorists or propaganda. And yet, all the while, innocent people lose their lives.

Ah, the wonders of the world.