Update: Lavash Music Video & full album release dates!

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Dear Compatriots,

It is finally time to unveil the music video, or short film, for Lavash, the single off my upcoming album. The release date for the video is officially March 20th. It will be viewable here, as a YouTube clip via the “FILM” navigation tab atop the homepage.

The complete album, The World to Come LP, is scheduled for release this coming, mid-April. It will be available for sale via iTunes & streamable via Apple Music, Spotify & TIDAL.

This will mark my debut, self-produced record.

It includes both pop, rock & hip-hop elements and incorporates eastern instrumentation. The theme draws on questions of Armenian and Arab identity within American society, but also beyond the social issues, lie the more personal struggles with love, pride, envy, competition & familial justice. This makes for the variant juxtaposition of somber & comical, uplifting tones throughout the album.

Tune in for more updates, including show dates & new merchandise. The plan is to have Lavash shirts available for sale via the website & at live shows.

I am also working on upgrading the overall website look – this will include the domain name http://www.mynameisdannyk.com. The current one will still work. Both will direct to this website.

Look-out for the video March 20th!

Danny K


The Struggle for Sovereignty in the Middle East



There are numbers floating around regarding the relatively low amount of terrorist incidents committed by Islamic radicals.

Still, two points can be brought up.

Instability is uniquely inherent to the Middle East; and anti-Americanism is common in the Islamic World.

Perhaps these two characteristics of the Islamic World coupled with the increase in radicalized Islamic terrorist incidents (after 2003) could be explained as the products of humiliation .

Fanaticism is denounced by most Muslims.

But even ordinary Muslims, like for example in Iran, feel a sense of betrayal from the US with regards to sovereignty that is seen as the cause of extremism in the first place.

Since Islamic terrorism didn’t surge until after the War in Iraq, their claims seem to exhibit some validity .

The implication here is that, more respect for sovereignty might reduce the impetus for radicalization, and thus terror.

Nothing New – American hypocrisy at GOP Debates

Pretty sure more democrats have lived pay-check to pay-check than Republicans.

On immigration, Rubio cannot backpedal. His family came here illegally. His father worked illegally.

Speaking in vague nationalistic sensationalist terminology is a strategy, not a victory.

Pointing out realities without solutions is worthless.

What does Marco Rubio know about American complicity in propping up non-democratic leaders in the world? What does Marco Rubio know about the association between illegal immigration to America and America’s tacit support for the tyrannical regimes that have pushed their citizenry to abandon their homeland?

Rubio sounds like he’s been programmed by the “privileged white mentality” which is beyond paranoid about losing their “exceptional” status in the world, instead of having to actually work for it and compete fairly. The irony. America touts freedom, but it depends largely on the subjugation of the freedom of other nations.

GOP is just a bunch of meatheads trying to prove who is more popular and who sounds tougher. Who can lie to the American people better? Who can convince the American people to abandon their selfhood for the sake of blind nationalism? For the sake of what, security?

“No Loitering” – Photo by Kayla Reefer


Colours of the Culture.

Photo by Kayla Reefer.


[New Musiq] KRIKOS – 3-Peat (prod. KRIKOS)

KRIKOS presents: “3-Peat”.

  1. “Drift Silently” (prod. KRIKOS)
  2. “Tread Softly” (prod. KRIKOS)
  3. “Birdman” (prod. KRIKOS)

Au Revoir,


KRIKOS – Rise of the Eastern Son LP

Repost: Daily Chiefers – KRIKOS – The New Left ft. NIKO IS (prod. KRIKOS)

presented by Colours of the Culture.


#AfraidtobeKing is the second single off upcoming album #RiseoftheEasternSon available for download 3.3.15 at www.soundcloud.com/krikos88.

Afraid to be King KRIKOS II


for bookings, feats. & beats hit —> KRIKOSofficial@gmail.com

The World to Come

I’m here debating where it is I’m headed. I have my trust, and my doubts. Perhaps the latter being  ungrateful. As human as I am I cannot help it. Seems to me everyday I debate the same things and yet I am still reliant on the one true thing I believe in, the one thing that not only is true to all but special to me – what some in this world have sought to strip me of. I believe God protects me and I am sick of the fear I have used to pity the fools with and I am especially sick of feeling undermined which, based on the virtue of a perfect Lord, cannot be done. The demons try to shake you up but they are nothing but just that – demons. I’ve been on a quest for my name for some time now, and I think there is a correlation between these two conflicts – the more I look into it, everything is directly connected and correlated to each other. So who am I? Many things. And when is it going to come that I just do all of them and stop with all the reservations? Here I indulge a fatalist, destitute thought process, coupled with another extreme, and another extreme. But I am me. Artist. Messenger. Son of Yahweh. Elohim. Allah. Islam. I am a semite from the Middle East and I come from two worlds – three even. With all these bloods and spirits combined they formed me – to which the devil shouts narcissist. The devil is a narcissist who hates other narcissists. So if we are all narcissists who is wrong? The one in denial and ascetic self-deprivation or at least the one who tries to prevent self-expression for the sake of preserving power. So much thinking. But I am a genius, to your inner devil – your inner hypocrite/demon. I see myself and the Lord. Allah. Elohim. Do not question Daniel. March forth. How did I obtain this name and how has my father the jew boy who is also armenian suffered? Ah, now I feel too much is being released but perhaps what this is my own personal journal through which I discover myself and my path and through which I attain not only peace but complete peace – mental solitude/perfection. The state of mind I’ve always been in in which I am merely – ME.