Here I am free. Isn’t that odd? And yet, still constrained. Taboos. Fears. Politics. You know.

I wrote a story once. [censored]. It wasn’t incredible.

It was divine.

Am I living it now? Wow.

Through Eternity

Building trust takes time and patience, but a true friendship endures through all trials. Today I spent time with my good friend, probably my best friend, brother, and ingenious musical and business partner. Although it has been a strange path, filled with ups and downs, stupidity as well as maturity, it has endured thus far, and I pray that it continues to endure. I also pray that from this moment on things continue to unfold positively in a rational way. I would like to continue being honest with myself and my loved ones as well as my lovers. I love you all. Let’s prove our worth and let’s stand for our beliefs. God bless.


“True love requires a leap of faith — that’s what keeps it true.”


Fake people around me. I try to stay real as shit.

Real people surround me.  I hope they don’t give in.

All I know is what I know,

All you know is what you think,

I don’t think, I just blow,

Grow your mind I grow my own.


The greatness of God is impeccable and I ain’t afraid to proclaim it, put my name right beside Him but I don’t want to defame it.

thoughts of self proclaimed wisdom

I don’t trust fake people, but I’m not angry about it. I just want to do what is best for me.

Anger is not good. One’s heart should always be open. It should be open to love, mercy and consideration. If it is not, it is an ungrateful heart. The heart must remain open. It is our duty.

the circus

A gullible man to fairy tales,

He ran away and joined the circus,

Thinking he would ever find,

A ways away from space and time.

And when he did to his surprise,

He found an end to his demise,

A locust swarm of hidden lies,

Appeared and ravaged a past once worthless.