The World to Come 2

And so here I am. Prepared to release more than ever. Prepared to be me. Who will surround me? Who will abandon me? Anyone? I have nothing but love, forgiveness and mercy in my heart, justice and happiness. I want to express all of me to the perfect extent. How do I obtain this position? Have I already? Yes. I am meticulous. I trust in God too. So where is it then? This is my mind, the world, together. I am me. I have always been afraid of not only being mistrusted but also being misunderstood but I’ll banish that with the purity of my heart which I obtained from mama dukes. I refuse to not be the me I want to be. 

So much potential and self-trust, self-faith, and determination that I’d hate to waste it on pointless positions in life like wage-based salaries and orthodox conformities. Get the fuck out of here. All these weirdos who try to convince me they are happy. Why you want to force me into your ways then, if you are so happy? Look I am going to be king. I need to be cause if I am not I won’t be here. I am great. I want to be.