Searching for the inner me. Almost there. Praying,

Searching for the inner me. Almost there. Praying, at least, that I am almost there. I can smell it, in the air. Really.

The immigration system in America must be fixed before it is too broken.

I am an immigrant in this country and I will say that I have suffered quite enough going through the bureaucratic system, having my case delayed and delayed, waiting for D.C. politicians to make up their mind on immigration policy.

In order to have better control over the flow of immigrants into and out of the country, America must improve its security apparatus, but on top of that, it has to address the source of the problem too, on top of dealing with the immigrants who are already here.

The source of the problem is a matter of international relations and global politics, as most immigrants escape countries that are war-torn, impoverished, or tightly controlled by an authoritative government. Such is the case with Cuba, Syria, Russia, Mexico, etc. 

In order for America to truly serve its immigration problem not just in the short term but also in the long term, it must address these issues of global politics.

As for the immigrants who have live here in the U.S. and who struggle to be treated as normal human beings, citizens with the same rights and privileges as any other human being and American, it is time for us all to to relieved, and to be granted the opportunity to pursue a life of prosperity and happiness.

To all the places in the world from where immigrants escape daily to avoid misery, I pray for you all, that you find justice and freedom too.


Self-Reliance is essential to everything; without it, you are not an individual, but a subject of others.

stop thinking.

just do shit. you are a genius. do whatever you want.


sometimes you inspire yourself. be real with yourself. this is where I am.

the circus

A gullible man to fairy tales,

He ran away and joined the circus,

Thinking he would ever find,

A ways away from space and time.

And when he did to his surprise,

He found an end to his demise,

A locust swarm of hidden lies,

Appeared and ravaged a past once worthless.