No system or philosophy or religion or concept is perfect but God. Not socialism, not democracy, not judaism, not christianity — GOD. Abrahamic Monotheism.

Imagine living your whole life not knowing what you’re capable of. 


My religion and spiritual question has been the cause of my life. The source is a certain thing, I cannot open here but it’s okay. I wonder, because I question, and yet, in contradiction, I believe, so vehemently in my path, for many reasons, pure and impure. But I am me, and my Lord is One, and my freedom is nigh, and my question will die, soon, before long, I’ll see with my eye.


It is sad what people are willing to put others through simply because they cannot let go of their pride. It is the source of all evil and human suffering in the world. God have mercy. 

Fear and Controlling

They used fear long enough to control us. Now that we know we aren’t wrong, we can stand up for ourselves. No need to be scared, p***ies. 

God again

what does the future hold? I’m callin out my heart’s bleeding.

Maher Zain – Number One For Me

Today my sister showed me this song by Maher Zain, a Muslim-Swedish singer of Lebanese origin. To be honest, I didn’t think I’d like it at first, but I let it play on and it grew on me. Nice work Maher.