GOP looks scared

House Speaker John Boehner said ‘Obama is out to destroy the GOP.’

I think this is an extreme statement that comes as a sign of Republican insecurity, uncertainty, and nervousness.

I don’t blame Mr. Boehner. I’d be scared too, because to me it looks like the GOP is digging its grave deeper and deeper as the days go by.

Desperate shots at the President and attempts to use failures like the Benghazi incident to undermine Obama Administration and left-of-center-leaning forces are becoming too common for Americans to give in so easily.

Right now I think the GOP is doing whatever it can, with powerful support from corporate lobbyists, to divide the nation ideologically, religiously and culturally. It is trying to do so by launching a multi-pronged campaign against domestic and international social justice, through the media, various lobbies, covert agencies, etc, be it abroad or at home.

Though I think they are losing, it is certainly a battle. May God help Obama and America triumph.

Congratulations Mr. President, and America!

I really revel in President Obama’s victory. Glad to see him re-inaugurated.

It’s wonderful to observe American culture from my perspective. I am a 0 generation immigrant from Syria and pretty soon I’ll be fully American. To me, this is all new and yet so familiar, seeing as how I was educated in America since I was 6. I will say that I truly enjoyed the education system and the knowledge I learned as well as the experiences it taught me. It helps me connect with my Americanism.

Deep down, I am an American to the core in so many ways. I am a spiritualist. An enlightenment thinker. I read, I learn, I understand. I want things to improve. Naturally. Moderately. Righteously.

I pray for good things to come. Congratulations Mr. President. Congratulations America. Let’s hope and pray for the best, for us and humanity altogether.