Capitalism, Conservatism & God: Just Words!

Despite repeated attempts to portray itself as such, the conservative ideology is not representative of the opinions of people of faith. This distinction, between conservatives and believers, must be made clear, in my opinion, as its ambiguity is part of the reason why Republicans garner American votes — the misconception that being a believer in God or subscribing to a faith suggests that one’s ideology is conservative, or laissez-faire.

Having faith does not mean you are or have to be conservative, neither socially nor fiscally.

Furthermore, I believe it is important to establish the distinction between why I understand as anarcho-capitalism and free-market capitalism. The former, to my understanding, permits abuses of human rights, civil liberties and economic inequalities, whereas the latter allows for forward mobility, protection of private property, and economic development.

Contrary to what we’ve been fed by conservative politicians, lobbyists, religious groups and mere culture and history, capitalism does not have one definition. In former president George W. Bush’s days, words like capitalism, democracy, religion, God, and christianity were hurled around to appeal to the masses, with the underlying intention of seizing power from foreigners and securing economic interests.

My question to is, what does capitalism mean to you? What do all these words mean to you? Obviously, they mean something different to everybody.

Ain’t that something?


why shouldn’t democracy and capitalism exist globally? is it a bad system? what about culture and tyranny of the majority? what about the degrees of individualism and the threat of collective oppression?

Iran & the West: The Showdown Continues

Instead of intensifying relations with Iran, perhaps the U.S. could focus its attention on more pressing foreign policy issues, like withdrawing troops from Afghanistan and Iraq.

Many U.S. public officials – mainly Republican – have attacked Obama for being too soft on Iran. If we wait too long, they say, Iran may obtain nuclear weapons, which would threaten the U.S.’s closest allies, namely Israel, and its most precious interests in the region.

The U.S. should keep in mind however that nations like Israel, Pakistan, India, China & Russia flaunt their own lavish assortment of nuclear weapons, ones they’ve been harboring for years.

What is rather odd is that a nuclear-armed Pakistan seems much more threatening to international security than a nuclear Iran, considering the fact that most terrorists are trained in Pakistan.

But for Iran, a nuclear Israel is the real threat.

According to recent news in the Gulf, Iran is threatening to blockade the Strait of Hormuz, a major trade route in the Persian Gulf.

Recently, a U.S. aircraft carrier made its way into the Strait in response to threats by Iran to initiate the blockade.

According to an article by Farhad Pouladi from the AFP international news agency,  the Iranian government is ‘unconcerned’ about an oil ban implemented by the EU (link here: Iran ‘unconcerned’ about imminent EU oil ban).

According to an article by Reuters, economic sanctions on Iran have had adverse effects on the well being of the people. The price of staple foods has increased by 40% in recent months.

The idea is – I assume – that the Iranian people will grow so intolerant of their government that they will rise against it, but is that necessarily going to happen? Currently, the average Iranian is suffering, and the Iranian government is only growing more ‘bellicose’.

Furthermore, an oil embargo may further weaken the European economy as it struggles to dig itself out of a horrible economic crisis. Can the EU handle any more weight?

Ultimately, the question is whether the Iranian people are supportive of their government – or at least its position on the West – or not.

There is a chance that the Iranian people will rally around their government, and at a time when the West is trying to cripple the Iranian state, the prospect of a unified nation isn’t exactly a work in progress.