Ya I got a penchant for greatness,

Well if Hov gon be it then I won’t be anxious,

I want a lot things, but only cause I feel what my God brings

Out of me, inner, from a sinner to philanthropy, 

When I call answer me, I don’t have demands,

I can’t, till my pride starts to dance in the devil’s hands,

Falling from grace, if eden was garden then heaven must be rainforest,

What rains is pain, not waters,

Life is game, turn these sharp corners in to sharp pain,

These riddles are arcane.


A lot of times I feel like people have a problem with God and with social equality. They don’t like to see others as equals. Do they not understand the evil that this brings? Do they not see the torment they put others through simply to display their own vanity, their own lust to be worshipped, glorified and put on a pedestal? I don’t get it. I don’t get it at all. It is a matter of time but still. I don’t get it. If we all have free wills, if we are all destined to be free as individuals, to seek happiness, answers, and our overall purpose, then why must we suffer at the hands of a few who are so ignorant of themselves that they do not change, they do not improve themselves, they remain bitter and ironically reliant on everyone but themselves. Rely on yourself people. I don’t get it.

too much pride

you are the enigma of my eye,

the one true thing which,

like other true things I have not yet undisguised.

who are you, you enigmatic guy?

tell me soon before I die.

I saw you in a dream or two,

Are my emotions running wild?

Something must be true.


you think there’s a perfect girl for every dude out there, like each guys ideal girl, or you think its all a figment of our imagination playing tricks on us, whereas all we really want is the honey? i think we want it all. everything. what we actually get just depends on what decides to come our way, to cross our paths. that is beauty, with a capital B, if you know what I’m sayin.


freedom is doing what you believe is your path.

inner strife

they try to use fear to intimidate you into believing them because they are so insecure. they will never change. they don’t want to change. they are incapable of being the best version of their self. instead they prefer ignorance. they prefer to be wasteful. they prefer to be angry, to be arrogant, and to prove points.


i just want to be successful. i’m over the bullshit. i know im an opinionated asshole. i know i don’t want some of you out there to succeed. it is a selfish desire. i want to succeed at this craft. i am better. i know i am. i am because i believe it in the depths of my heart. when i sit in my room, gazing at my screen, pondering life and all its mysteries, when i am at my dock lighting up when I am screaming, shouting, writing, laughing I am proving my right to be the greatest and the best and I will be damnit. I must be. It is not my doing. It is His.


The greatness of God is impeccable and I ain’t afraid to proclaim it, put my name right beside Him but I don’t want to defame it.