the bells

This new picture I posted is really impersonal but I chose it for political reasons. It reflects one dimension of me.

I’d like to say I am a little distressed.

You might ask why.

I might say because of some things like being afraid of not getting what I want.

And you might say fuck what you want.

I’ll think about it.

Then I’ll go back to what I want.


I am an insane artist.

I am many things.

I am one with the world.

I am high and fried.


The world thinks I am who I am not.

It is in need of an icon.


What happened to the John Lennons, the Martin Luther Kings and the Malcolm X’s?


All shot dead but times are different and the light is pouring through.


The bells of freedom are ringing again.



its funny what they say about reality, because my reality is the exact opposite of theirs.

how long will it take

There is no need for resistance,
My darling from a far,
We’ve been all along this quiet front for longer than an instance.

My eyes are enthralled,
By all your existence,
The softness of your skin,
the tenderness you’re emitting.