Sometimes we forget the horrors of slavery. We forget the horrors of our own suffering. I remember though. I remember very well. Now even, I fear it. I want my truth. I want my freedom, Lord.

Pemex Oil Explosion Raises Question

Why does Mexico, which is supposed to be a democracy, run a STATE-owned oil company known as Pemex? Does this not violate Western traditions of free markets and liberalism?

Ah, I get it. In this case, state-socialism in foreign nations is beneficial to the West. Pick and choose, you know?


sometimes you help people who shouldn’t be helped.

on perfection

if you want to be perfect — you will fail.


dear women,

dear friends,

and all my dear loves,

remember, remember,

there’s never a reason,

to play that silly game.

to act one silly way,

if merely the purpose,

is to hide away,

your pathetic insecurity.