evil opportunists

I might just be paranoid but I feel like that’s what they’d have me believe. I feel like some people I know are schemers. They are one way but they have a secret agenda. I don’t care about what that agenda is, I just like to know how people are up front. They like to keep things secret. I mean its more than obvious that it isn’t a secret if I know about it but it is simply a matter of opportunism.


Fake people around me. I try to stay real as shit.

Real people surround me.  I hope they don’t give in.

All I know is what I know,

All you know is what you think,

I don’t think, I just blow,

Grow your mind I grow my own.

free as a whore

to those who are ungrateful I hold a dagger,

to their backs when they see not for they deserve,

nothing but to see their toils spilled like blood.

this is anger at its finest,

perhaps better yet contained,

into words, rather than anything more,

for words are free, free as a whore.

you are not ignorant because I know more. you are ignorant because you don’t know that I know more.