Obama to detail groundbreaking ‘immigration overhaul’ tonight


Tonight is of great importance to the immigrants of America, however tonights speech by President Obama and the subsequent policy changes and announced reforms will have far-reaching implications that extend beyond the borders of America; even beyond the confines of the immigration issue itself.

It will affect the economy certainly. In the bigger picture, this effect will likely be positive.

More importantly, this will affect the lives of human beings who have been ostracized from society and even their families. Basic human rights which they have been denied will finally be directly addressed by the President of the United States.

God have mercy

I trust in God. I trust in my path. I trust I will succeed. I trust.

What about them? What about the torment? Why?

When you need your friends most, when you go to them for help and they tell you something that hurts you more — that is when you realize who is real and who isn’t.

The fools and the hypocrites who see themselves above man and above God. Go to hell.

My anger is unwarranted? I’ve believed that long enough.