SwagLife Cypher #1 feat. Andrew Floyd, Marlon Ponce, Niko Is, Palmer Reed


Show me some more love by checking out this new video with all my boys brought to you by SwagLife featuring Andrew Floyd, Palmer Reed, Marlon Ponce & Niko Is.

“Anticipation” by Andrew Floyd

Dear Friends & Lovers,

This album was executively produced by good friend Joseph Hamoui and yours truly, Danny Krikorian for upcoming Artist Andrew Floyd‘s mixtape, Anticipation. Show me some love and check it out. I promise you will love it. I mean, you better. ❤

Front Cover
Back Cover

Track Listing:

1. Kings

2. C.E.O.

3. Sweaters

4. G.P.S.

5. Patrick

6. Secrets

7. Black Stains

8. White Flags

Download Here: http://andrewfloydmusic.com/anticipation-ep/