No one ever said that we were meant to be perfectly good, or perfectly anything for that matter. We weren’t actually. We were intended to be curious about evil, about what it is. That is what separates us from God. God is not curious about evil. God is too perfect for curiosity. We became curious. We gave in. We tried. We saw. We learned. Well, some of us did. The other half didn’t. 

in the garden

The wonders of life lie in mysteries unearthed.

But only by true spirits, with hearts unfurled,

can they be found.

This place of heaven, this feeling of bliss,

If only it could last forever.

Maybe then, I would be still,

Caught with the world in a trance.

Like winter days, when we would dance,

In dark affairs, and sweet romance,

Between the trees, the sheets of man,

Nature, and spirit.