An Open Letter from an Armenian Dreamer, Musician & Researcher to the Diaspora, Armenia & Nikol Pashinyan

Breaking News: Armenians are not European, Russian or Caucasian. They are West Asian, with Semitic roots, rendering them Afro-Asiatic, not “Indo-European”. Sorry to burst your bubbles of fragility & stagnation.
Maybe Pashinyan can help teach the Diaspora to take care of ALL Armenians – not just the privileged ones. I mean Armenians of unique backgrounds and religious identities, particularly Middle Eastern.
The Eastern Armenian aka Russian identity is far from anything I can relate to. The closest thing is Western Armenia. My heritage is traced to Adana & probably Yerevan. But Middle Eastern Armenians are indigenously there; a continued legacy of historic Armenia.
We like lahmajun & dolma. Lavash & string cheese. Not borscht soups with cow hooves or w/e.
The Forgotten Armenians, dear Pashinyan.
The ones who are geniuses and Armenian to the core, but have adopted and learnt new languages and cultures due to exile, the genocide, and the world’s mistreatment and persecution of refugees & victims of genocide. This must be part of the new Armenia. Not just the one at home.
The ones from the bottom of the bottom. Like me. The ones who are both brilliant but a liability. Because I am a Dreamer. Because I have Arab, Muslim, Syrian & Palestinian roots. #TheForgottenArmenians
Armenians are so focused on white Russian looking Armenians and thus set our country and diaspora back when the real talent exists among the minority within the Armenian community. Like me.
We are among the most brilliant and yet brushed aside due to identity differences and more.
For Christ’s sake, I am an Armenian “Dreamer” threatened by Trump et al’s racism & genocide denial. I am a published researcher, a witty rapper, creative and film director, musical composer & hip-hop producer, guitar, piano & drum machine player & vinyl collector.
If Armenia is looking for solutions; look no further than those who have been overlooked for ages.

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