News: Stream “Lead by Example” by Danny K on 7-7-18 via Spotify!

CA - Lead by Example PA.jpg

Humbly announce the release of my album Lead by Example™ on Spotify on 7-7-18. The project is a 7-track album produced, written & engineered by Danny Krikorian aka Danny K™, and is presented to you by Krikorian Records LLC ©. Each song features an Armenian vinyl sample coupled with MPC & Kontakt drums. One song is an Arab sample.

Here is the official trailer to the music video for the single, The Man which will be released in full on 7-1-18 via YouTube.

Thank you to each and every one of you for your support. This album tells in the art form and cultural language of called Hip-Hop my story and journey in this world of ours. May my message and music resonate with each and everyone of you, as I am truly grateful for this opportunity.


Who Elected Trump? Not Americans


The newer America that elected Obama did not elect Trump.

You know who did?

The Totalitarian International. The Totalintern.

A unified force between all the fringed sides & angles of the political spectrum; left and right, up and down, diagonal, etc.

Putin. Erdogan. Maduro. Assad. Sisi. MBS. Boris Johnson. Le Pen. Aliyev. Kim Jong Un. Xi Jinping. Netanyahu. Modi. Names ring a bell?

How could these men affect American politics?

The same way they do it in other countries.

Propaganda & money.

Trump is broke and dumb.

Come on America. Wake up!

The Totalintern exploited the weaknesses of American society — appealing to an array of post-60s American personas; the cynical leftist, the lazy racist, the pretentious pseudo-intellectual, & the angry celebrity.

From Sam Harris to Jill Stein, Tomi Lahren to Ann Coulter, Maajid Nawaz to Cornel West, Bernie Sanders to Gary Johnson – American pride was their target.

When I scroll through the infamous “comment section” of a news article with statements by apathetic leftists or jobless rightists regarding the topic of, lets say for example, “US Noninterventionism”.

I’ll see something like: “AMERICA KILLED HALF A MILLION IRAQIS.”

Yes, & Saddam fed them watermelon & cheese.

The Totalintern & their “patsies” have coopted indigenous struggles too, such as the liberation of Palestine.

It has been all talk for half a century.

Tensions between smaller nations are assets for the Totalintern too, like the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict, over the occupation of Palestinian territory by Israel, or the conflict between Armenia & Azerbaijan, over the occupation of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) by Azerbaijan.

The former occupation was initially orchestrated by Clement Attlee of England which then was replaced by leadership America; and the latter occupation by Stalin which was then replaced by leadership in Russia.

I beseech you. America; wake up.

Being a hero doesn’t mean just protecting freedom.

It means defending it.

For all.