Where is Armenia?


Historically Southwestern Armenia, basically Eastern Turkey & the Levant, must have harbored a unique commonality, distinct from both Turkey, but also from Eastern Armenia.

Historical Armenia encompassed both Anatolian, Caucasian & West Asian geographies.

This is perhaps why some Armenians wish to classify themselves as European, and others as Middle Eastern (West Asian).

Truthfully though, the European characterization suits more the orientalist perspective of the entire region.

Perhaps this why associations to Semitic languages like Amharic with the Armenian language cause disagreement.

Personally I enjoy the indigenous Middle Eastern / Western Asiatic Armenian characterization.

I’d even take it further and include Northeast Africa because of the features.

I reject the orientalist description as any who admires Edward Said.

The ancient indigenous region that birthed The Jew, the Pharaoh, The Phoenician, the Armenian, the Assyrian…, Jesus, Moses, Muhammad….Cyrus, Darius, Averoes, Khayyam, Adonis, Hammurabi, Selassie I…needs no Eurocentric authoritarian narrative to neither stifle our growth nor poison our minds with superficial paranoid untruths.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Armenian nation

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