The Left’s Rationale: Foreign Conspiracy

The Left’s Rationale: Foreign Conspiracy

This article is a little dogmatic in its perspective. While it is evident that leftist and non-western-democratic leaders in the world are blaming foreign conspiracies for the uprisings in their country, it isn’t exactly evident where those leaders stand ideologically and whether they can even be reduced to one category of ‘dictators’. Impartiality – in journalism – requires that perception supersedes nationalist inclinations and prejudice, therefore encourage us to look at the man in the mirror – who is to say American (and other Western-democratic) politicians are not influenced by foreign conspirators (democratic or non)? Democracy is an ideal we strive for – utopia where all individuals prosper individually. We don’t even have that (completely) in America and Europe, where a range of embarrassing inequalities complement a wealthy upper class – to be mild. That’s precisely why we have movements that raise awareness about racism in America. So why then are Western politicians playing double standards – expecting other nations to be perfect democracies – pinning them up against this idealized form of democracy not all Americans even enjoy. And why does private media go out of its way to encourage imperialist attitudes toward the world? In a world of interests, the result in conflict. Our job is to find a moderate middle ground – a path towards an ideal democratic system for the entire that caters to all not just some – that recognizes all not just some – that understands ALL – not just some. I believe the forces working against this are in the West, and the fundamentalism that arises in the East is in retaliation. Both evils must be equally quelled.


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