From Marlon Brandon and the Native Americans to Maduro and the fate of Venezuela

From Marlon Brandon and the Native Americans to Maduro and the fate of Venezuela

What an evening. I’ve read some of the most interesting stuff today. From this features BI article about Marlon Brando and his gesture to not attend the Oscars in 1973 for his lead role in ‘The Godfather’, to coverage of Maduro’s Venezuela, I cannot say this has been a boring not for journalism. What do the two have in common? Well, I could’ve posted many other things. In fact, I might have preferred to replace the Maduro section with an article about Bashar al-Assad, president of my country, Syria, which has been in turmoil for about three years now. Syria, like Venezuela, Ukraine, Egypt, and many more, are the modern playing fields of the world’s greatest powers. These are the outlets of the cold war; where the axes meet – East, and West. In many parts of the world, the struggle is imminent. But what struggle? From the Zapatistas of Mexico, to the Palestinian Resistance, what is this universal struggle facing mankind in different areas of his earthly soil? Who are the players in this ‘game’? The Native Americans lost half the earth to Christian Imperialism. Today, Zionism threatens the existence of the Palestinian nation — or what is left of it. Don’t look so far – the effects are spilling over into neighboring regions of the Middle East, from Lebanon to Egypt. The war between good and evil is still going on dear friends. Which side are you on? 


We live in a world where political distention is categorized as ‘racism’ or ‘un-american’ or ‘anti-semitic’. This is called the disenfranchisement of the freedom of expression. Israel and America along with their international cohorts, terrorists and thugs have made it taboo to attack their policies, and with such a tight grasp over the economy and various mechanisms of power, it has become nearly impossible to publicly expose social injustices in the international community, from the inception of the fascist Israeli state, to the campaign against moderate Islam in the Middle East. 


Really putting things into perspective. Realty is quite odd. The place I am and struggle to realize — to come to terms with. Still, everyday. Trying to convince my self of so much and learning the vanities of life meanwhile. All these fears and illusions which hold us back. Sometimes they seem illusory. Like nothing even existed from the start. Struggling to get where I am going with all these paranoias in mind. Its the struggle. This is where ideas like socialism and beliefs come into appeal. This is also where originality and spontaneity are born — the products of infinite choices. Wow. 

Am I hostage to fatalism, what is this angry prison I’ve been in,

Searching for John Lennon’s wisdom in all the symbolism,

Let a rock hit him, something to soften him,

I’m rotting but only from the scoffing at my shoe.

a maschine & new york city

wouldn’t mind that. a flat in manhattan. manflattan. post up. whiskey. 12 blunts. the smell of freshly floored cherrywood. ah, the life. studio life. maschine and coffee. cigarettes of course. my homie yousef stopping by every once in a while with christina for the spins. this is the life. just wait.