Is denying myself what I want killing me?

Is denying myself what I want killing me?

Searching for the inner me. Almost there. Praying,

Searching for the inner me. Almost there. Praying, at least, that I am almost there. I can smell it, in the air. Really.

Republicanism: The Plague

Republican politicians and conservative forces are the causes of American injustice and contribute largely (if not solely) to systems of global injustice.

I love how they attack Democrats, Obama, and anything remotely liberal every chance they get. Sure, it is politics, but it isn’t classy.

Republicans are desperate to keep their hold on whatever forces of power and influence they have left in their midst.

They tried using Benghazi, and now they are using the IRS to try to portray liberals, democrats, and the Obama Administration as a corrupt coalition, as if Republicans themselves have a clean slate.

Let us not forget that till this day, Republicans are responsible for taking us to Iraq and Afghanistan all under false pretenses.

If anything, Republicans are the harborers of corruption, supporting extremist terrorist groups in the Middle East while condemning other terrorist groups who are not in their economic interest, providing aid and political power to dictatorships and kingdoms while scrutinizing others that are resistant to subservience.

Republicanism is the ideology of the modern ignorant man who is afraid to embrace reality and true philosophy. It is the religion of the fearful, the insecure, the proud, and the hypocritical. It is a tool used by individuals to justify their techniques of survival, from Rush Limbaugh, to Ann Coulter, individuals whose entire livelihoods depend on the propagation of lies. How ironic that individuals like this tout values of individualism and self reliance while simultaneously relying on falsehoods in order to generate cash.

Republicans are just a bunch of sissies looking for fame and a place to display their obsession with vanity.

Syrian Jews More Tied To Biblical Ancestry Than Israelis?

Most Jews now living in the Arab world belong to communities dating back to Biblical times or originating as colonies of refugees fleeing the Spanish Inquisition. In Syria, Jews of both origins, numbering altogether fewer than 3,000 in 1987, are found. After a mass-emigration in 1992, today fewer than 200 Jews live in Syria, mostly in the capital. Syrian Jews are Arabic-speaking and barely distinguishable from the Arabs around them. In Syria, as elsewhere, the degree to which Jews submit to the disciplines of their religion varies.

Christian and Muslim from Syria

I had a really interesting conversation recently with a close friend of mine’s mother about a very contentious issue. 

My friend happens to be of the same background as me and so, as a Syrian, it was inevitable that the question of religion would find its way into our conversations. 

The question I was eventually asked was whether I saw myself as a muslim or a christian. While in the West, questions like these are almost regarded as a invasions of privacy, in the Middle East, it is a commonplace, often distinguishing political groups from others.

In reality, the only reason I was asked this question is precisely because of the political dynamics of Syria today. As rebel fighters continue their insurrection against the government, minority groups, especially Christians, feel the brunt of it all. In a part of the world where liberalism and secularism are under attack, it seems very difficult for Christian groups to trust any sort of ‘Islamic’ movement.

But all politics aside, the reason I brought this up was more religious than political.

The concern echoed by my Christian counterpart was that the rise of Islam would destroy all aspects of modernism, secularism, and liberalism which have been harbored by the secular regime of Assad for over 40 years, and eventually replace it all with an intolerant, exploitative system of rule.

While this fear may not necessarily be entirely unwarranted, it does much to taint the image of Islam, which has over the last two decades, earned quite the reputation in the international community.

What I sought to accomplish by answering this question posed by my friend was the distinguish Islam from political movements of Islamism, and to establish a more coherent understanding of a truer, more genuine, liberalized Islam that is, in actuality, much closer to the Christian-Syrian culture then the Mass-Sunni-Culture of Syria.

The rise of Islamism and extremist groups in the Middle East should not be attributed to Islam, but rather, to the individuals and groups which have been corrupted by their own thinking or perhaps by their own ego, or more realistically, by bribery. That way, there is more inter-faith understanding between Christians and the more educated Islamic populace. 


Israel: A Democracy?

The Middle East betrays itself. Before we Arabs can tackle global injustices, we must tackle ourselves. Who among us has betrayed us? Who among us has been blinded? Every nation in the world is plagued with traitors, but how can we distinguish foreign evils from evils within our own society? Everytime we defeat our foreign enemies, they find ways to turn our own against us. This means that the problem lies within our societies, within our cultures, religions, within the minds and souls of our people, which have been dissected, picked, and pulled apart.

The ideological forces that separate Syrians from Syrians, from the Great Syrian cause, of being independent, autonomous, free and sovereign, these forces of religious fanaticism, ego and anger are blinding and ignorant, and they are fueled by our enemies, enemies of moderation, liberalism, secularism, and humility.

Only secular nations should exist, that grant all individuals inalienable rights without give preference to some individuals over others. Israel exists only because its founders believe it has the right to exist as its own state even though in the modern world only nations that are non-religious should exist.


Israeli Mobilization

Israel has announced that it will be establishing new military intelligence outposts inside the UAE. Some sources say that the move was made to intimidate Iran. Could be true.

It is obvious that every country in the Gulf is a pawn of global corporate interests. Just like Israel, these fake countries were carved out of the Middle East in order to gain geopolitical advantage in the region. Think about it, Saudi Arabia is named after one tribe. Technically it should be Arabia, land of all arab tribes.

But this is nothing new. I just think it is funny that Saudis portray themselves as believers when in reality, they are merely Islamists paranoid about losing their power. They manipulate the authenticity of Islam so that it fits their agenda, and they corroborate with terrorists, terrorist nations like Israel, and any global force that supports their unjust establishments.

How can you dare to claim to be Arab and allow Israeli intelligence to work in your country? Pathetic fools. You are the scum of the Middle East, traitors to the cause of justice and righteousness. You’ve sold your soul to the devil.