“Un-institutionalized democracy” compared to “institutionalized democracy.”

In other words:

Non-democratic countries where the majority is believed to still be in support of the regime compared to a Democratic nation where the majority is believed to be in complete support of the elected administration.

Did — the majority of — Venezuelans really hate Chavez?

Do — the majority of — Syrians really hate Assad?

Do the — majority of — Chinese despise their Communist-dictatorship?

Egypt satirist Bassem Youssef faces arrest warrant

How nicely democracy is playing out in Egypt. Freedom, or control?

Back at my station. Haven’t had this autonomy in some days now. Thankfully. 

It’s going to be an experiment. It always is though, isn’t it?

Now that’s the mentality that is the drainer. 

What shall replenish it in return?

Ah, how I miss the freedom of choice,

And woe to slavery.