Thoughts on Gaza

I don’t think peace is or ever was an option in Palestine.

I refuse to be ignorant and live in denial and act like it is one. I am not a cynic nor a pessimist — I am just an observer. There is too much history, religion, and bitterness ingrained in the hearts of both sides, and as a result, the situation is without resolve. Think about it. The fighting will never stop. My intuition and convictions tell me that Israel is bent on destruction and domination. If that weren’t true it wouldn’t played major if not primary role in convincing the U.S. to invade Iraq, to heighten tensions with Iran, and to fabricate this genius global campaign against Muslims, Islam and the Arab people. The Palestinian people are suffering again, and with them, billions of people around the world who bear the brunt of imperialism.

Don’t be fooled people. Don’t be fooled.


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