Don’t Call Me A Sinner

This poem is dedicated to a persian poet by the name of Rumi. A poem I read from a new edition of a collection of his poetry called The Essential Rumi by Coleman Barks inspired this poem.

Everybody talks shit,

I’m a shit talker too,

When I see a fool do,

What I never would!


Better believe I’ll spew,

The scrutiny I should,

Will it be understood,

I’m no greater than you?


Must be funny when,

After a second or two,

You will come to find,

I’ve committed that crime,


But don’t call me a sinner,

You sin all the time!

Go waste your breath,

While I taste my wine.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Call Me A Sinner

  1. Wonderful ! My favourite of Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi from his Mathnavis.

    O tongue, you are an endless disease
    O tongue, you are also an endless treasure


  2. Thank you very much for you kind words! Those lines from Rumi are incredible too. Thanks for sharing! I will check out your blog. I hope to have you as a frequent visitor on mine!


    1. Danny, you got it! Saw that you are following my blog, thanks! We shall check on each other and share our little findings of treasures. Best wishes for a new year to you, my friend.


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