Syria vs. the Arab League

A League of despots, clerics, and Kings has taken it upon itself to be the harbinger of justice in the Middle East.

According to a New York Times article by Neil MacFarquhar and Nada Bakri, the Arab League made the claim that it does not intend to depose the Assad Regime.

Instead, the Arab League hopes that by implementing economic sanctions against Syria, the Assad Regime will falter, more soldiers will defect, and the elite business class will distance itself further from the government.

The article also suggests that the Arab League does not support foreign intervention in Syria.

In a quote taken from the NY Times article, a Lebanese analyst stated:

“In the war against Syria, the economic will take the place of the limited possibility of military intervention.”

In direct contradiction of that proposition, however, Qatari minister Sheik Hamad said that if the international community does not take the Arab League’s initiative seriously, he cannot promise that there will be no foreign interference.

Keep in mind that the Arab League endorsed a full fledged invasion of Libya by NATO forces.

Furthermore, the Arab League believes that economic sanctions are in the interests of the Syrian people, for whom it suddenly cares, as opposed the Bahrainis who are apparently a few degrees below human.

But the following line from the New York Times article suggests otherwise:

“I think it is time the world realized that economic sanctions are not affecting anyone but the Syrian people,” said a 23-year old Damascus resident who did not want to be identified for fear of reprisal. “Those who couldn’t afford buying bread, now can’t afford even smelling bread.”

The questions posing us now are, what are the interests of the Arab League? Why do they suddenly want to be directly involved in altruistic endeavors? Furthermore, why have we not heard more on the brutal massacre of Bahraini protesters by the Saudi-backed Bahraini royal family?

Contradictions, hypocrisy, religion, and money – sounds like a perfect recipe for Middle Eastern chaos to me.


In every country and in every age, the priest has been hostile to liberty. He is always in alliance with the despot, abetting his abuses in return for protection to his own.

-Thomas Jefferson, letter to Horatio G. Spafford, March 17, 1814


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These are the days when frustration overwhelms me,

When I think of what isn’t, and not of what can be,

Forgive me for being human, t’is truly unhealthy,

This weight on my shoulders, it keeps getting heavy.

Days like this when I am caught in limbo,

My darkest hours, angry and ready,

I pity the fool who frustrates me,

For if I power I attain, this throne I gain,

It will be your head on my stake.


Asher B. Durand

Have you known a man who cries when he sings,

When he presses against the white key, his music rings,

Like a wasp, his music stings,

Piercing layers binding spirits to beings.


He lives in magic, and flies without wings,

There’s a soul upon his body, whispering things,

Swallowing his spirit, breathing his lyric,

They make love like music, and moan acoustic.


Together, they shatter dreams into figments,

And reality into pigments,

Of shades and colours, purples and blues,

And remain there forever, engrained in the wind.

On Yearning

Alain Dumas

Oh how lovely it feels,

This emotion that comes like the wind,

Easy against my skin,

Like the breath of God.

T’is the sound of music rushing in,

Breathing life into my soul,

Like when your hand’s against my chin,

I must’ve been lifted from the ground, by this angel named ___.

Can’t you see my grin?

That smile upon my face,

What a win, what a win,

What a God, what a God,

And oh, to everything He is in:

When we dance, when we kiss,

When we yearn, when we miss,

Oh I’ve fallen upon a dazzling miracle,

Upon a calling that pulls me in,

T’is but physical, t’is no sin,

Dear Lord, this is prayer,

And I pray  You hear my hymn.

Take Everything That Comes Your Way

I’ve had this spiritual awakening recently. If you know me well however you will probably want to say something like: “aren’t you always realizing something dude?”

It’s true, okay? It’s true!

I am always realizing something. And while it might annoy the shit out of other people – that I’m always having these strange revelations – I like to believe that it is both ordinary and relatable.

Fact is, life is a drawn out lesson. We are always learning.

Sometimes we like learn the hard way – that is, after making a mistake or after doing something stupid – and other times, we learn the easy way, without having to make a mistake.

What I realized today is that the worst thing we can do to ourselves is to over-think things. Thinking can be most counterproductive to learning. In fact I think – ha – that thinking is completely antithetical to spirituality and inner-peace. Before posting this article to my blog, I thought about it for a while. I thought, and thought, and thought. I asked myself questions like:

Should I do it?

Don’t I have better things to do?

How can I use my time more effectively?

Question…after question…after question.

And then, boom. I snapped out of it.

You know what that is called? Mental slavery. And it is extremely unhealthy.

The solution?

Drink a beer, abandon your conscience, and act on impulse.

No seriously, here’s what I think:

Firstly, we have to accept that none of us are God. We all learn through the choices we make, be they good ones, or bad ones.

At the end of the day, we are feeble and fragile human beings. All we can do in the end is follow our hearts. If you ever really want something, go after it. Even if you don’t know how much you want something, I say, go for it and find out. If you fail, you fail. If you succeed, you succeed. Point is, you never allow yourself to get caught in a brainstorm of thought. You decide.

Take everything that comes your way, and keep your sanity by remembering that everything is Written.

What Am I Thinking

I know I shouldn’t like you, but I do.


That is, when I don’t hear from you.

When we’ve been distant for a while.


But then you call…

I get a little discouraged, a little scared.

I say to myself, this is a good girl, don’t do it.

But I find myself still flirting,

and sending you text messages like…

I wonder what the next message is.


Worst part of it is,

I’m not supposed to like you,

Because my best boy is digging you.

And I gave him advice on how to spit to you, and now I’m into you.

How do you tell a chick that you like and respect her, that she deserves the world,

but that what you really want is to lay with her, for a while, without hurting anybody’s feelings.


Eh…what am I thinking.

“Anticipation” by Andrew Floyd

Dear Friends & Lovers,

This album was executively produced by good friend Joseph Hamoui and yours truly, Danny Krikorian for upcoming Artist Andrew Floyd‘s mixtape, Anticipation. Show me some love and check it out. I promise you will love it. I mean, you better. ❤

Front Cover
Back Cover

Track Listing:

1. Kings

2. C.E.O.

3. Sweaters

4. G.P.S.

5. Patrick

6. Secrets

7. Black Stains

8. White Flags

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